About us

Agency Aditus mare is located in settlement Srima in city Vodice, on the territory of Sibensko-kninska county. Adress of the agency Srima I 100 b, 22211 Vodice. Currently the agency's business area is inside of Sibensko-kninska county, but we are as always interested in cooperation with clients from other locations. Agency's basic business activity is mediation when buying and selling real estate, in order to help the client to easily and safely make a decision.

Basic information:

Short name: ADITUS MARE D.O.O.
Headquarters: SRIMA I 100 B
Place of registration to Commercial court and number of entry: ŠIBENIK, MBS: 110068638
OIB: 82927702741
Bank and account number: HR4423400091110849390
Base capital: 20.000,00 kuna
Board members: ZVONIMIR SILOV
Tel/mob: +385 22 443 852, +385 99 338 4900
E-mail: info@aditusmaretravel.hr